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Location Wertheim

The headquarters of adaptronic is located in Wertheim,  the northest city of Baden-Württemberg

Here you find:

  • Management
  • Purchase department, accounting department, quality management and IT
  • First level support
  • Development measurement electronics (hardware and software)
  • Electronics production
  • Construction test table adapters
  • Competence Team Transportation
  • Competence Team Automotive Wiring
  • Competence Team Industrial Wiring

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since March 31. 2017 Wertheim-Reinhardshof

even more efficient - even faster - even better

Advantages that we like to pass on to our customers.

The new building itself and the additional space for further buildings offers adaptronic the opportunity for future expansions.

Location Wiedensahl

The adaptronic location Wiedensahl - between Minden and Stadthagen

Here you find:

  • Location management
  • Design of adapters
  • Competence Team Custom Interconnection Systems
  • Mechanical production of the adapter components
  • Adapter assembly

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