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NT Control - understanding - operating - configurating

Next Date2024-05-19 / 2024-09-25 / 2024-11-27


Location:   adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH, Wertheim

Language: German

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Training content: 

  • introduction  „adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH“
  • introduction test system NT 600 and interfaces
  • introduction operating software NT Control, the surface and operating elements
  • setting a test box connection
  • supporting functions in NT Control (pin number probe, multimeter, NT Control manual)
  • net list and link list
  • splice definition
  • prim list
  • component list
  • autoprogramming function
  • using report and label print samples in a project
  • using documentation text in a project
  • standard procedure of the different testing types
  • electrical parameters

    • continuity and short circuit test
    • component test (R, C, D, ZD, LED)
    • dielectric strength and insulation test

  • segments
  • user profile
  • diagnostic function
  • NT Control basic settings and directory structure
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