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Test Tables, Test Consoles and Adapter Consoles with adaptronic Adapters for reliable Contacting of UUTs

adaptronic test tables and test consoles are a decisive component of the adaptronic kit for the assembly of comfortable and high-quality test systems for the wiring test of manufactured cable harnesses of all types.

The test tables and test consoles are prepared for the integration of adaptronic testers of the different series and adapters of the type AT4000. Test systems with most different test voltages and test point extensions can be configured and built easily.

The cabinet of the test tables offers space for a compact wiring tester and a 19" IPC.

For high voltage application test tables models are available with the respective safety equipment.

Test table dimensions 
Standard width for the adapter area are 800, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000 and 3600 mm.

Test console dimensions
Test consoles with width for the adapter area with 400 and 600 mm.


Additionally to the test tables and test consoles for AT 4000 adapters  adapter consoles with maiting connector modules or for adapter cards offer the solutión for apllication specific configurations.

HF Test Table TD2400F-HF

for Automotive Ethernet Cables according to OPEN ALLIANCE specifications

Test Consoles PT 60 , PT 40


Vacuum test system for unshielded cable harnesses

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