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High Current Adapters for E-Mobility Applications

The production volume of electric vehicles significantly increased during recent years. Up to now original vehicle connectors were predominantly used for component testing. Due to the increased volume it becomes necessary to use now adaptations with an increased lifetime of several thousand connection cycles.

Adapters used in this environment will have to reliably contact without wear and degradation. Additionally the contacts will have to reliably carry currents of several hundred amperes.

These applications also require a long-life contacts with low force or contact free insertion mechanisms to further reduce the adapter wear.

Off-the-shelf flat or round contact pins cannot be contacted with standard test probes, because they do not offer the necessary contact area and accessibility.

Therefore friction-free insertable adapters that only fully engage the electrical contacts in fully inserted position are necessary.

In cooperation with our clients adaptronic has developed multiple proven solutions to provide long-lasting, reliable connectors for high volume / high current testing. 

adaptronic - Competence in Testing.

adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH based in Wertheim (Germany) is a leading manufacturer of wiring and functional test systems. For more than 40 years adaptronic stands for customized, high-quality test systems and adaptation solutions for wiring tests in the automotive, aerospace, railway, automation and datacom markets.

Since September 2022 adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH is a member of the Komax Group.

Competence Team Custom Interconnection Systems

Reliable electrical contacting with long stability times - adaptronic adapters for test benches in the automotive industries

Whether at the test of electrical units in the test area, at the end-of-line test of  combustion engines, components of the e-mobility area etc., - a reliable interruption free voltage supply and signal transfer is essential for exact measurement values in the quality assurance.

Adaptations from  adaptronic guarantee a secure transfer of electrical signals.

The robust adapters are designed for millionfold and deformation-free contacting.

Normally contact is made with help of screw-in spring loaded contact pins. These contacts guarantee a reliable deformation-free contact, even at high currents.

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